Material Optimisation on 10mm Aluminium plate
Material Optimisation using the latest CNC Nesting Software
Profile Cut
We are able to Profile Cut any type of material
CNC Waterjet Profile Cutting
CNC Waterjet Profile Cutting
Ferrous Materials
CNC Waterjet Profile Cutting of Ferrous Materials
High Def Plasma
CNC High Def Plasma Profile Cutting of 50mm Thick 350 Grade Mild Steel
CNC High Def Plasma Profile Cutting of the underground claw
CNC High Def Plasma Profile Cutting


Advanced Cutting Solutions was established in 2007, as a CNC profile cutting service, providing profiled plates to Mining and Engineering firms throughout Mackay and the Bowen Basin.

ACS Engineering has grown to provide a one-stop Engineering and Fabrication workshop located in Mackay offering Fabrication and welding to the highest of standards.

ACS has the management system, technical ability, policies/procedures, workforce and accurately profiled components to manufacture Fabrications to the highest of standards conforming to Australian Standards 1554 and 1796 if required.

ACS has an electronic job tracking system that handles everything from Inquiries to shipping. All jobs are allocated a job number which can be traced back to its origin. Drawings and associated files are stored on a central server under each job number, to enable repeatability, transparency and consistency at the push of a button.

ACS has the latest technology in CNC profile cutting equipment.

  • CNC Thermal Dynamics 300A High Definition Plasma
  • CNC ProArc Oxy profile cutter
  • CNC 60,000psi waterjet Profile machine
  • All materials are nested using the latest technology software, Pronest.

ACS Engineering provide a comprehensive, full service and safe materials handling, Fabrication and profiling facility that is dedicated to providing a world class service to all of our clients, whilst maintaining high quality products and low cost material preparation solutions.